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Who We Are

Who is | Sustainable Origins 

🍁 Two Canadian Entrepreneurs and a Dream, Eh?

When Covid hit in early 2020 we found ourselves in a unique position in our lives: way too much free time, and a desire to build a better future for ourselves and the environment through renewable energy. 


We became experts in Biodiesel production through months of research and connecting to the right people - scientists, Fortune 500 oil & gas CEOs, investors, and renewable fuel experts. We had projections and plans drawn out to create a Biodiesel plant using brand new industry-leading innovations in Hydrodynamic Cavitation technology. The biggest issue that kept coming up was where we could source a reliable, consistently priced input/feedstock. That's what brought us to North Carolina.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to leave our communities better than we found them by reducing the waste of oil and the stress of disposing it while giving businesses the compensation they deserve to reinvest into their operations.

Core Values


 We create unique custom oil storage tanks for our clients. Our machines are designed to be the most efficient, most sustainable way of recycling waste oil that you can get your hands on.


 We believe in being transparent in our recycling efforts with our clients, and we are here every step of the way. We believe that we can make a positive change in the world by doing what we do best—recycling 


 At Sustainable Origins, we believe in being accessible to businesses. We want to ensure that every business has access to proper oil waste management and that your oil is picked up when you need it—not when we want it!

WHY Sustainable Origins

Denver, NC

Through one of our Biodiesel mentors, we were referred to a small-scale UCO collection operation based out of Denver, NC called Oil Industries LLC. The owner, Dwain, showed us the ins and outs of the industry throughout 2021 and we eventually decided to buy out his business, invest in new equipment and focus on building up a thriving UCO collection business. 


We want to do this right. We're offering industry-leading market prices, building personal working relationships with restaurant owners and staff, and maintaining our containers in a way that you can be proud to display. 


We want to donate to local charities to improve our new community and give back where we can - a couple of our current clients donate their oil proceeds to charities of their choice so let us know if that's something you'd like to do as well.

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We're Growing!

We are ready to expand our customer network. We have a new 1,000 Gallon truck, a new look for our containers, and the capacity to build up our business as far as the eyes can see. 


We’re confident we can offer a better experience to establishments in the Carolinas - and so far, we’ve proven that in spades.   


Let us show you what we mean. 

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