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Aloysius Callaghan


Aloysius Callaghan is a serial entrepreneur and businessman who has built and sold multiple businesses, including Sustainable Origins, a company that specializes in turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel.


Callaghan began his career as a professional basketball player in China; he then moved to Bahrain, where he sustained an injury that ended his career.

From there, Callaghan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue other ventures, including a few such as TAK Capital, Sustainable Origins, and Serket Nutraceuticals, where he serves as Chief Marketing Officer.



Sustainable Origins


Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Origins

DEC 2020 - Present · 1 yr 9 

North Carolina, United States

  • Starting a Biodiesel manufacturing plant in Charlotte, NC. We will convert Used Cooking Oil, Animal Fats, and other feedstocks into environmentally friendly and high-quality renewable fuels. We have a partnership with Oil Industries LLC, which collects the inputs required for this process. We are currently in our initial funding for this project.

Serket Nutraceuticals Inc.

Chief Marketing Officer

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jun 2021 - Present · 1 yr 3 month 

  • All-natural health and wellness formulation company. With patient pending products that will hit commercialization in the near future. Serket's focus is on targeting numerous health concerns with innovative proprietary blends. 

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